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Cruise around and learn about Niagara's busiest boxing club.

Niagara Falls Boxing Club is and has been a positive place of sport and team building in the Niagara Falls community since 1978. We have made our name through hard work, honesty and the devotion of many volunteers along the way. We have always been a not for profit organization that welcomes members from all walks of life. We offer education on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and the fitness discipline to all. We know that our methods work, and these invaluable traits translate into usable life lessons. NFBC makes lifetime ties to many of the members who train with us.

Calling All Future Champions

"It is always the right moment to start sports. It is always the the right moment to get fit."

- Josefa Idem, 2012 Olympian

We are looking for the next Olympian, the next world champion, the next personal best and the next person who wants to try something new.

Come out to the Niagara Falls Boxing Club to start or to continue your journey. We are looking for people of all ages and all fitness levels to mold into champions. Bring your spirit, your heart and your tenacity to take part in structured training suited to your level. NFBC offers training to the newest fitness hopefuls through to experienced competitive athletes. All our programs are well rounded including strength and power, fitness challenges and skills training.

Classes offered include - Co-Ed After School Program, Co-Ed Box On, Ladies Only BoxFit, Co-Ed Novice/Fitness Boxing and Co-Ed Competitive Boxing. Experienced coaches and trainers provide effective and interesting training to all members ranging in age for 8 to 40+ years old.

Register at the Niagara Falls Boxing Club today and get started!

[TEST NEWS] NFBC New Location

NFBC has rolled up our gear and moved to a new location. We are now at 6017 Valley Way in Niagara Falls. Pull into the driveway to the left of the "Glengate Alliance Church" sign and follow it to the left, go around the building to a large garage door. We are the unit beside Heart Niagara. Google street veiw is an incorrect representation of the drive that you need to pull into. WE are working to get some visable signage put out.

[TEST NEWS] Gym is CLOSED this evening! Ladies Boxfit is cancelled

Judy Hernder was at NFBC last night and what a workout!! Thanks Judy for spicing up our skipping regiment. We will all use those tips and tricks in future workouts. Judy herself diplayed excetional fitness as she pumped up the energy for 2 solid hours of skipping for our beginner boxer class and then turned it up for our competitive team. A thanks to Judy and congrats to all the boxers that participated in the workout. Great job all :)